Too Many Tabs – A 7 Step Digital Detox


A seven step digital detox – Your guide to disconnecting, detoxing and re-connecting in a controlled, calm practice.


Too Many Tabs was created out of my own frustration and overwhelm with social media. I felt like there were too many tabs open in my mind, I struggled to switch off and found myself constantly reaching for my phone. Mindless scrolling without much engagement at all became the norm, and I wasted hours and hours a day looking at my phone.

Rather than being social on the platforms, I was double tapping on images and scrolling without really taking anything in. I found I was endlessly comparing myself to others and rarely communicating with the people I followed.

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I devised a plan on combatting this feeling of overwhelm. This e-book follows the seven steps in my plan, they’re very doable simple steps which when carried out in the correct order will take the weight of social media off your shoulders. I go into detail on how these are useful, and the best way to approach each step.

Step 1 – Time. How much time do you spend online?

Step 2 – Notifications. Do we really need them?

Step 3 – The Detox. How a break can do wonders.

Step 4 – Unfollow. Do the people you follow bring you joy?

Step 5 – Spring Clean. Clear your mind, your phone, your desktop, your laptop and your tablet.

Step 6 – Is it worth it? Are you wasting time online?

Step 7 – Be Mindful. Setting your own rules.


If you are considering buying this book, you can take a look at a preview here. If your gut feeling is that this is for you, you can invest in your online wellbeing by purchasing the e-book for £2.99 above. I urge you to go on your gut feeling, if you think it’s not for you – you probably aren’t in need of this particular digital detox plan.

Any questions, queries or thoughts please feel free to get in touch! You can e-mail me over at or tweet me @pe_taonline. As you’ll discover in the e-book, I only check my social media twice a day – sometimes less, so you won’t receive an instant reply.


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